Get wild with this easy-to-use, long-lasting eyeliner
Unleash your wild side with DIP & DRAW eyeliner, the waterproof, sweat-proof, up-to-18-hours-of-solid-fun liquid eyeliner party animal. This precision eyeliner comes equipped with an ultra-fine applicator tip, making it a good eyeliner for creating both dainty lines and bold designs. Don’t forget to crank up the volume with rich, intensely pigmented colors—the neighbors may call the cops, but looking this good isn’t illegal. 

  1. Shake

    Shake well before eyeliner application.  

  2. Glide

    Apply on clean, dry skin. Glide applicator along lash line for an ultra-fine line or build to create a dramatic eye look.

Cosmetics needed: MOODSTRUCK eye primer, MOODSTRUCK pressed shadow,  DIP & DRAW eyeliner, MOODSTRUCK EPIC lash primer, MOODSTRUCK EPIC mascara

Whether you go dainty and delicate or bold and loud, your eye makeup is sure to rock when you add this precision eyeliner to the mix. 


  1. Prime

    Prep for any eyeshadow look by applying the MOODSTRUCK eye primer to the eyelids and brow bone area. 

  2. Apply

    Pick your favorite light, medium, and dark MOODSTRUCK pressed shadow colors. Using the YOUNIQUE eyeshadow brush of your choice, fill the entire lid with the medium color. Brighten the inner corner and highlight the brow bone with the light color. Apply the dark to the crease and the outer corner of the upper lid, blending up toward the corner of the brow bone. Use neutral, matte shadows for a natural-looking finish or add some texture with shimmer and metallic shadows. 

  3. Define

    Your eyeliner application has never been easier thanks to this liquid eyeliner. Select your favorite DIP & DRAW eyeliner color and shake well. Glide the applicator along the lash line for an ultra-fine line or build to create a dramatic eye look—either way, this is a good eyeliner for defining any eye look. 

  4. Lengthen

    Finish off your look by creating larger-than-life lashes with MOODSTRUCK EPIC lash primer and mascara. After applying eyeshadow makeup, place primer wand at the base of your natural lashes and brush upward from root to tip. Next, sweep your MOODSTRUCK EPIC mascara from the roots of your lashes to the tips. Apply a second coat of mascara for maximum effect.

For the full ingredient list, see the DIP & DRAW eyeliner’s Fact Sheet or packaging.

Coconut Acid is a surfactant.
Caprylyl Glycol conditions the hair and skin.
Sodium Cocoyl Apple Amino Acids is a skin conditioner.