YOU·OLOGY refreshing biocellulose mask

All the spa, none of the hassle—just you, yourself, and ahhh.

Take your skin to the spa—from the comfort of your home.

It’s made with fermented coconut water and other luscious ingredients that help lock in our hyper-hydrating formula.

Get softer-, brighter-looking skin and increase hydration up to 200% in 15 minutes flat.*

* Results from an independent technical study. Individual results may vary.
    Get visibly brighter, softer, smoother skin in as little as 15 minutes.*
    High-quality skin care has never been easier. Simply apply the mask, relax, and peel it off when you’re done. Smoother-, brighter-looking skin is at your fingertips.
    Rockstar ingredients like sodium hyaluronate (known to help attract moisture to the skin) and aloe leaf extract (known to help cool and condition for soft, hydrated skin) work together to give you the ultimate spa experience without ever leaving the house.
    Life can be complicated and demanding, but that doesn’t mean your skin care has to be. Less time fussing about needlessly vague products or ingredients means more time you can spend taking care of yourself.
* Results from an independent consumer study. Individual results may vary.

We’re taking self-care to the next level with powerful ingredients your skin will love. After one 15-minute use:

  • 93% said their face felt more moisturized.*
  • 90% said their face felt instant hydration.*
  • 87% said their face felt soothed and refreshed.* 
  • 83% said their face felt more rejuvenated.*
* Results from an independent consumer study. Individual results may vary.

Sodium Hyaluronate

Known to help attract moisture to the skin and increase hydration.

Vitamin C (3-0 Ethyl Ascorbic acid)

A form of vitamin C know to help with collagen production and evening out skin tone.

Panthenol (Vitamin B5)

Known to hydrate the skin with humectant properties.

Aloe Leaf Extract

An antioxidant known to help cool and condition for soft, hydrated skin.


Known to help as a skin protectant and maintain skin hydration.


A humectant known to help retain skin moisture, relieve dryness, and refresh the skin’s surface for softer, smoother skin.



  • Share real results.
  • Take a photo before your first YOUNIQUE DAILY·YOU collagen shot, and take another one 30 days after regular daily use.
  • Make sure to take your pictures in the same place and at the same time of day. Do your best to use good, natural lighting.
  • Share real results.


  • Do not post results that are not credible.
  • Do not use photos that are misleading in any way. Photos must be true before and after photos.
  • Do not use filters, artificial light, or photo editing tools to alter your photos.
  • Do not use other products or devices that may enhance the results seen in the photos.


  • Language used with your photos may only contain claims provided by Younique.
  • Include language that clearly indicates that these are your personal results, and the same results may not be achieved by everyone.
  • Remember to include in your comments that individual results may vary.


YOU·OLOGY refreshing biocellulose mask is available on subscription! As your customers sign up to receive monthly refills through a subscription, you’ll be setting yourself up for recurring sales so you can spend more time focusing on expanding your team, customer base, and other income-producing activities.
Get two units of YOU·OLOGY refreshing biocellulose mask—perfect for those with multiple users in the household or those who simply want to make sure they don’t run out—for [market-specific subscription price]:

Subscription Selling points

YOU·OLOGY refreshing biocellulose mask beautifully complements YOUNIQUE DAILY·YOU liquid collagen shot, YOU·OLOGY eye mask, and YOU·OLOGY 7-day vitamin C treatment to complete your beauty arsenal from the inside out, outside in, any time!

Subscription selling points for customers:
  • Regular use of the product will yield a regular replenishment.
  • Subscribers save 10% and get free shipping.
  • No worrying about running out.

Who will love it


I understand you don’t get a lot of downtime. I know a great way you can make the most of it! This mask is packed with fantastic ingredients and only takes 15 minutes to use.


You may have heard about the benefits of using a face mask. This mask uses fermented coconut water and sodium hyaluronate to help you get fantastic results.


This is an exciting time to join! YOU·OLOGY refreshing biocellulose mask is a fresh way to attract new customers and establish repeating business, helping you get more out of your efforts.


I understand that you’re not interested in cosmetics. All skin types can benefit from high-quality skin care, and I have a perfect, easy-to-use product for you to try.


Before and after photos can help tell your story and show your customers what they could experience with use of YOU·OLOGY refreshing biocellulose mask. If you choose to share pictures of your results from its use, please download the guide below to ensure you create content that is compliant with the Younique Independent Presenter Agreement.
Before & After Guide


* Pictured results were observed by users after using product once for 15 minutes. Individual results may vary.

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