all-day matte lip

Luscious lips that just don’t quit.

Lips ready to take on any day are just a swipe away. Our pout-lovin’ blend of good-for-you ingredients can handle all the smiles and laughs you can throw at it.

This all-new formula glides on smoothly with a matte, non-sticky, non-tacky finish that lasts up to 10 hours.*

* Results from an independent technical study. Individual results may vary.
    We’re launching with ten never-before-seen colors to let you kick the boldness up a notch while making it your own. How are you going to pout out loud?
    These lips just don’t quit! Get up to ten hours of full coverage that’s transfer- and smudge-resistant.* Take on your whole day—and all the smiles and laughs that come with it—without worrying about smudging or feathering.
    Its innovative applicator is designed to mimic the shape of the lip to help you swipe on the perfect amount of product—then you’re good to go, all day long—no more emergency touchups!
* Results from an independent consumer study. Individual results may vary.

Be bold. Be confident. In an independent consumer study of MOODSTRUCK SPLASH all-day matte lip…

  • 7 out of 10 users felt that it was easy to wear for 10 hours and didn’t flake throughout the day.*
  • 7 out of 10 users felt that it instantly provided a smoother appearance with full coverage in a single stroke.*
  • 88% felt that it dried quickly.*
  • 84% felt that it didn’t’ feel heavy on their lips.*
  • 81% confirmed that it dried with no tackiness left behind* and didn’t feel sticky throughout the 10-hour wear time.*
* Results from an independent consumer study. Individual results may vary.

Passion Fruit Extract

Known to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to keep skin looking and feeling smooth and hydrated.

Triple Rice Blend

Natural and vegetable-based, known to help boost skin’s natural defenses and protect from daily environmental aggressors like pollution and blue light.


Derived from an antioxidant-rich plant, known as the “kiss-me-quick” flower, known to help boost the appearance of hydration, softness, and volume of lips.

Sodium Hyaluronate

Known to help with the appearance of plumped and moisturized lips by using a unique microsphere technology that evenly disperses sodium hyaluronate into the oil phase of lip product formulation.

Who will love it


“I love the artistry you put into your makeup looks. This all-day matte lip has ten bold colors and dries down matte, offering plenty of options for that perfect finishing touch.”


“This is an exciting time to join my team! MOODSTRUCK SPLASH all-day matte lip is a new liquid lipstick that offers lots of color options, a matte finish, and good-for-you ingredients.”


“I know the world of cosmetics can be intimidating. This all-day matte lip has an all-new formula with an innovative applicator designed to mimic the shape of your lips and doesn’t need touching up throughout the day. From start to finish, this low-maintenance lippie is great for anyone!”


“I know you’re always on the go and don’t have a lot of time to be touching up your makeup. This is a product that will last up to ten hours so you can focus more on your day.”

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