What is a Younique Presenter?

Younique is a direct-sales company. Our products are typically sold exclusively through Presenters, who in turn earn royalties for every sale that they make. If you meant to make your purchase from a Younique Presenter, but accidentally came to our Corporate site instead, that's okay. You can still connect this order to a Presenter by simply starting to type the name of the Presenter you meant to purchase from in the text field. Select your Presenter, and complete your purchase.

What if I don't know a Presenter?

Visit our Presenter Map. Use the map to find a Presenter in your area, click the pin, and then click the "visit website" link that pops up for that Presenter. Your shopping cart will remain exactly as you have it now.

If you're interested in learning more about becoming a Younique Presenter and earning commissions from selling these products, please review the "Become a Presenter" section of the site.

Need more help?

Contact our support team.