Meet Lianne Anderson

I'm excited to tell you all about my Younique Story!

I am a simple girl from the countryside who has always had big aspirations but I always felt like I didn’t know what I wanted to be when I grew up… I felt like this even at the age of 30. I was a hard worker but i was always working for someone else in very basic entry level jobs. I felt like I was capable of so much more and that life had more to offer.... i was living vicariously through national geographic magazine... watching people live life to the full while i was the epitome of untapped potential... i was missing out on life working to fulfil someone elses dream. Working 45 hours a week, in a job i felt no passion for, yet living paycheck to paycheck. My heart was aching for something more.

In 2012 two momentous things happened… first, the unthinkable! my mother passed away from secondary breast cancer one month before my wedding... my mum was everything to me, my best friend, my confidante, my coach and my sounding board.. and she was YOUNG! When she died it left me devastated and re-evaluating how i was wasting my life… the second thing that happened was i made the easy decision to leave my basic office role and work from home... i went into business with my dad, i took on my mums role with our own small business! I had never had experience in business before, i was very green but if we didn't make his business a success, he would be a man in his late sixties with no wife and no income. this was supposed to be the best time in his life....!! i was determined to help him so it was at this time I became interested in professional and personal development, self actualisation and success mindset. It was for him. i was working every hour under the sun... i wasn't paid. My husband Jon ran his own small business and he supported me unquestioningly.

In 2014 Jon's business fell upon hard times. he was one of the last victims of the recession. After months and months of struggle, we admitted defeat and his business finally went into liquidation. We lost everything. We lost our only source of income, We could no longer afford our rent. We had to sell our car and all of our possessions so we could afford to eat. I ended up on anti depressants and anxiety medication because every phone call, every knock on the door, every letter terrified me!!! We were constantly receiving demands for money we simply didn’t have. i would never ask my dad for money! We were about as close to bankcruptcy and homelessness as it is possible for a human to get. we are good honest people and we work hard but we'd fallen upon very hard times. It was the worst experience of my life that i never want to relive... and the one person who I would always turn to in times of trouble, mum, was no longer here.

In the end it was the most mundane situation which allowed me to have a breakthrough. I needed a new hairbrush!! I'd broken mine... I remember standing in the shop, staring at this £5 brush and I literally could not excuse the expense to buy it! I remember thinking to myself ‘you are 31 years old!!!! How did you let this happen!? how are you in a position where you cant even afford a brush?’ I realised that the choices i had made up to this point led me to the situation i was in. it wasnt the fault of external forces... nothing and no one else was to blame, it was me...! and if i didn't change, then nothing would change! it was a point of no return for me. I decided it was time to start living my life on purpose. living life like i meant it!

I partnered with a network marketing company and my business Vanity Flair marketing ltd was born. I had never heard of network marketing and I did not know what I was supposed to do but I was fuelled by a burning desire to make a massive change in my life and I threw myself into learning. I needed to learn how to sell our cosmetics but also how to build a team and help them be successful. I quickly learned it wasnt about me, it was about helping others... the good news for me is that i LOVE people and i have a caring, warm nature and i am a patient and encouraging teacher.. so my business grew rapidly. I believe this is due to my passion for what I do, my knowledge of personal development, my ability to coach and for the vision I have for myself and my ladies. In the last 3.5 years I have grown my organisation to 17k+ amazing women. we sell approximately 8 million dollars a year in cosmetic and we are changing the perception of beauty worldwide. we believe that beauty shouldn't be based on impossible ideals so we never use photoshop... beauty should be unique and it should be about real women letting their authentic light shine through. Confidence and self worth is the best cosmetic!

I have built more leaders in my organisation than I ever hoped for. I have helped many women duplicate what i have done and build their own cosmetics home business and further inspire and encourage women to step into their potential… Many have now handed in their notice and work from home around their children and many more have more freedom and flexibility in life. we have a very heavy focus on self development and we are continuously coaching women to discover their worth and build their confidence. some join us for a hobby and for the empowerment... others decide to create an empire. we don't judge and everyone is welcome, everyone is helped.

In 2016 I was asked to speak at our annual company convention in St Louis, I have spokenn at many of our corporate events since... I also collected two awards for the amount of women I have helped and Younique asked me to feature in their Spring catalogue which was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. This girl from the Norfolk countryside could never have imagined that one day she would be in a global catalogue! in 2017 i was the top UK leader and my business became one of the top 3 in Europe and one of the top 22 globally.

It has given me the opportunity to give back to Jon. there was a time he supported me financially and emotionally while i focused on helping my dad and now we can work together on this amazing business. Our business has allowed us to travel the world together and we are finally living a life by design. in April 2018 we travelled to Hawaii with fellow top level leaders in this profession and helped to restore a woman and childrens shelter for families who have encountered domestic abuse. just another way we can give back having been so blessed.

It has been one of the most incredible experiences of my life... and knowing what i know now about the human spirit and individual potential, I am fully driven by my ability to help others achieve their desires. no matter how big or small.


Lianne Anderson
Black Level 1 Status Presenter