Meet Shari Kraft

I'm excited to tell you all about my Younique Story!

In May 2014 I was shopping around for a little business that I could actually make some money doing. I had it narrowed down to Jamberry and Younique. I had been in a lot of network marketing companies before. None of my sponsors knew what they were doing, none of them progressed any further than maybe the first level of each company. So I knew I wanted somebody who knew what they were doing. I did a web search on top Younique presenters and Whitney's name came up. I thought to myself here she is! That's my girl and she's from Texas! I decided to do everything she told me to do. I made a commitment right there to follow this business through to the end. The first month I did $1300 in sales. I hit yellow and Fast Start my second month. The morning after I signed up, I got my first team member. I was so excited 3 days later I got my second. within 2 weeks I had 4 presenters. My team now has 99 women on it. I hit Blue the end of August. I kinda got stuck on Blue for almost 6 months. But I kept plugging away. Never gave up. I started doing all the training I could ... even went to San Diego, which is about 12 hours from my home, to attend a training. I read constantly... personal development is key. Finally Feb 28th about 830 in the evening I hit green. This is my biggest accomplishment yet, and I'm so excited everytime a new girl joins I get thrilled to death. I love this company and what it can do for women. I love the personal growth this company has given to me. I'm a completely different person than I was in May.

I have lots of goals to achieve, and the best way to get there is to help my team grow their own teams. That will be my focus in the next couple months. It's all about's all about my Lash Babes!


Shari Kraft
Green Status Presenter

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