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Meet Shae Hale

I'm excited to tell you all about my Younique Story!

Hi Friend!! I'm so glad you stopped by to check out this fabulous company, as well as a great opportunity. I joined Younique in February of 2014 and already have a team of more than 600 amazing women! I've been involved in direct sales before, but nothing like this. Not only are the products amazing, but the people are JUST as amazing! The founders are a brother/sister team and they truly care about their Y family. If you're researching a direct sales company to be part of and truly have success, Younique is definitely for you!

Why I Love Younique:

Imagine being a part of something that fills you with so much joy you feel like your heart wants to jump out of your chest! You smile from within and feel so much love, even from people you have never met, yet feel so close to!! You cry with excitement and nerves and come together to help a sister reach her goal, and for some it was for no gain of their own...all to help someone else, but knowing it will come back ten fold!!

Imagine being uplifted by an army of women who train and support you! Imagine feeling so empowered as a women that you feel like you can do anything! Imagine feeling validated and worthy and having the confidence to achieve all your dreams no matter how huge!!

You see...when women come together, work together, hustle together and uplift, empower and validate one another, amazing things can happen! Women are powerful! And women are a force to be reckoned with!

I have felt all of these wonderful things since being with Younique. I see the real power of women and what we are capable of! I don't know how else to explain it but it's something truly amazing, and I don't think anyone will understand, until they are a part of something so life changing!! <3 Copy and paste this link to watch my video here:

Here's what you will receive when joining:

+ No website fees!!!!

+ 20% commission on all sales & increases to 25% once you reach $500 in personal retail sales (PRS)

+ $10 in free Ycash (credit applied to your account) each year on your birthday!

+ Fast start bonus in your first 90-days

+ Online parties

+ Huge support channel

+ $300+ in product for $99

+ Training from back office and support from me as your sponsor in an exclusive Facebook Group

+ Instant, same day commission with confirmation emails sent

+ Younique Visa with commissions loaded after first $50 in sales

+ Incentives from me as your sponsor

+ Monthly customer Kudos offered by Younique

+ Hostess party rewards apply to presenters as well!

+ Only need $125 in sales every 3 rolling months to remain active

Don't miss out on this opportunity. Contact me today and become a part of a FAST growing company and an AWESOME opportunity!


Shae Hale
Orange Status Presenter