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I'm excited to tell you all about my Younique Story!

Hey beautiful,

little bit about me, i'm 33 years old with 6 wonderful children, married to my husband of 12 years, we meet when i was 19 we had our 1st child together when i was 20!....As you would probably guess after that work for me was a little bit out of the question because we faced the child care issue (like most) whilst my husband was out at work whilst i was being a full time mummy....

Skip forward to February 2015 i stumbled across the most talked about 3D fiber mascar was a bit skepictable to start with like most of us are, i decidec to take the leap and try it & WOW it made the research the company and i was blown away - a company that supports sexually abused women!! something very close to my heart..

On the 1st March 2015 i decided roughly around 4pm i decided i was going to hit the JOIN button very nervous but i had an amazing feeling about it...

Around 2 weeks later i recieved my new presenters kit and the excitment began i was instantly drawn to the rose water & divine moisturiser i was eager to try it and see if it irratated my Psoriasis and to my delight i was safe no burns no bleeding no nothing products i could use!... It was there that i began to fall in love it every product they provided - commission was a bonus at that point!

These products really do sell themselves i just share what i find ultimately works for me and boy these do..

Then the mission behind the company started to edge its way into my heart where my life did truly change - it changed for the better because i broke my silence i because free for the 1st time in 17 years! i plowed on through the real tough days using the products working on myself to be able to break through the other side & tell my story..

Youniques mission statement is too uplift, empower & validate women everywhere every single day. That i shall continue to do whilst my little team of beautiful inspiring women are growing!..

feel you want to be apart of this amazing journey too!?!.... join my team today you have nothing to lose & everything to gain!..x

Sara x


Sara Downton
Yellow Status Presenter

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