Meet Renee St. Clair - Lashes 4 Miles

I'm excited to tell you all about my Younique Story!

Hey Peeps!! Just a quick little trip down memory lane...the very end of Sept. 2014, after seeing about 25 of those mascara posts in a row, I thought - Hey, why not get the kit, and that way I can get the mascara I want to try AND a lot of other cool makeup? It was over $210 worth in makeup for only $99! I was in it just for the kit but BOY, did they have the right idea! This chick got that new kit, and EVERYTHING was AMAZING! I mean, there wasn't a product I tried that I didn't love to pieces! Right away, I was getting encouraging emails and phone calls, and I was off and running! Ready to share my new-found love for this new product! It's only fair, right? I mean, when you learn about something outrageous, you just HAVE to share it! It's Girl-code isn't it? Find the secret stuff, and you HAVE to spill everyone!

I hope you'll join in on the fun! Get some makeup and skincare that you will LOVE! Decide to host a Lash Bash in your home and earn FREE products! Get a Shopping Link to share with your friends and have a Cyber party! Sign on as a presenter and fall in love with this life-changing company devoted to lifting, empowering and inspiring women!

You can contact me at or text me at (434)420-3844 OXOX Renee


Renee St. Clair - Lashes 4 Miles
Green Status Presenter

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