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I'm excited to tell you all about my Younique Story!

I absolutely love Younique. Never before have I felt so empowered.I am a stay at home mom of 2 boys. After the birth of my 2nd child I got depressed, I felt horrible, I felt lost. I started to change things one day....I just had had enough! I started changing my whole lifestyle, I started working out lost 30lbs but still was missing something.I changed my hairstyle...nope nothing...then Younique happened. I stumbled upon Younique while browsing a holiday event online. I was immediately taken aback. The presenter was so helpful and so sweet, we got to talking and became fast friends via facebook, she is from Canada and I am from New Jersey. She would answer any question I had and give advice about products...she was just amazing. I told her that i was looking for something more to supplement my income especially since Christmas was coming and my husband was in danger of being laid off. Money was tight and we were nervous about making ends meet. She was like well you can do what I do, your friendly, and funny and would just do amazing at this. I felt so encouraged and uplifted. I was like well what do I have to lose? I talked it over with my husband and the next minute I was signing up. I love the product the makeup is so light and I don't feel like I have a heavy face. The women I have met through this amazing opportunity do nothing but encourage and inspire. I feel so blessed to have this amazing opportunity and I love sharing it with other women looking for the same thing. It's not about makeup or feeling pretty...Younique only magnifies your inner beauty,but to look as beautiful as you feel and gain that empowered feeling is literally life changing. Things are on the up an up for me I just know it and I owe it to Younique.


mandie adones
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