Mattifying skin support

Experience healthier-looking skin with less oil, smaller-looking pores, improved clarity and tone, and fewer imperfections. A patented Saniskin® blend helps reduce shine and mattify your skin, leaving you with healthy-looking skin that's totally under control.

Formulated with

  • Kaolin clay
  • PCA
  • Finger lime fruit extract
  • Japanese knot weed extract
How to
  1. Wash and dry face.
  2. Using applicator or fingers, apply a thin layer all over face, avoiding eye area.
  3. Allow mask to activate on face for 5–7 minutes. Mask may dry slightly.
  4. Use warm water and a washcloth if desired to remove.
Get to know your ingredients

For the full ingredient list, see the product's Fact Sheet or packaging.

Kaolin is a kind of clay. 
Propanediol is a skin conditioner. 
Citric Acid is a pH adjuster. 

Warning: Avoid contact with eyes.