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Frequently Asked Questions

Tell me about the YOUNIQUE Presenter Kit updated in June.


The YOUNIQUE Presenter Kit offers our best value on a carefully curated mix of universally flattering color cosmetics and skin care products, packaged in a stunning limited edition box. 

Your purchase will activate a Rewards Link pre-loaded with 100 points. That means you’ll be halfway to earning free Y-CASH credit (Younique’s product credit) when you and your followers shop with this affiliate link! Learn more in the Rewards Link FAQ.

This YOUNIQUE Presenter Kit is available beginning June 1, 2020, at 6 a.m. PDT. 

What comes in the YOUNIQUE Presenter Kit?


The YOUNIQUE Presenter Kit typically includes:*
•    MOODSTRUCK EPIC 4D one-step fiber mascara
•    MOODSTRUCK EPIC mascara – Black
•    MOODSTRUCK EPIC mascara – Brown
•    MOODSTRUCK EPIC mascara – Black Waterproof
•    TOUCH GLORIOUS mattifying face primer
•    MOODSTRUCK SPLASH liquid lipstick
•    MOODSTRUCK PRECISION pencil eyeliner
•    Three MOODSTRUCK pressed shadow single compacts
•    Three colors of MOODSTRUCK pressed shadow refills
•    MOODSTRUCK pressed blusher
•    YOUNIQUE tapered blusher brush
•    YOUNIQUE fluffy crease brush
•    YOU·OLOGY rose water toning spritz (50 ml)
•    YOU·OLOGY UPLIFT beauty oil 
•    YOU·OLOGY cleansing cloths
•    White Status Younique Presenter Charm
•    Purple ring  
•    September 2019 catalog
•    January 2020 Younique Presenter Guide  
•    Branded limited edition box

Purchasing the YOUNIQUE Presenter Kit gives you access to your own e-commerce site, world-class online training, and digital business management tools as well as membership in Younique Presenter-only Facebook groups.

How much does the YOUNIQUE Presenter Kit cost?*


The YOUNIQUE Presenter Kit costs $99 USD, $119 CAD, $129 AUD, $149 NZD, £69 GBP, 107 € EUR, $1,725 MXN, or HK$775. Please note that this price does not include applicable taxes or shipping costs.

How do I qualify my Rewards Link and start earning Y-CASH credit?


You can start earning product credit from your included Rewards Link after reaching 200 points. Rewards Links are open for a period of 10 days. Points are earned by PRS (one point per $1 USD spent). After the Rewards Link is qualified by meeting the 200 point minimum, you’ll earn product credit at a rate of 10% of the total points earned (including the 200 points).

You earn PRS through purchases made with the Rewards Link. Some ways to get your included half-qualified Rewards Link past the 200 point minimum include sharing your Rewards Link and recommending products you love to your followers—you only need to sell four mascaras to qualify when you use your included Rewards Link.

What do I earn when my Rewards Link becomes qualified? 


When your Rewards Link becomes qualified (reaches the 200 point minimum), you’ll earn Y-CASH credit at a rate of 10% of the total points earned, including the 200 points. This means every Rewards Link you own that qualifies will earn you a minimum product credit that’s equal to $20 USD, $24 CAD, $26 AUD, $27.80 NZD, £16 GBP, 17 € EUR, $280 MXN, or HK$148.

Will I earn a commission from selling the YOUNIQUE Presenter Kit?


No. You will not earn a commission for selling the YOUNIQUE Presenter Kit.

Can I finance the YOUNIQUE Presenter Kit through PayPal™?


Yes, you can finance through PayPal with no interest for six months. This option can be selected at checkout and is available for the U.S. and UK markets only. Please note that third-party financing is run by PayPal, and any agreement is exclusively between the Younique Presenter and PayPal. Please see terms and conditions at checkout for more information.

If one of the YOUNIQUE Presenter Kit items becomes sold out or goes on backorder, what will happen?


If an item currently planned for your kit becomes unavailable, you will receive a substituted item instead.

Which countries are eligible to purchase the YOUNIQUE Presenter Kit?


People in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Mexico, Germany, France, Spain, Hong Kong, Italy, Ireland, Portugal, Belgium, Austria, and the Netherlands can purchase the YOUNIQUE Presenter Kit. 

Do I have to purchase the YOUNIQUE Presenter Kit to be a Younique Presenter?


Yes, unless you live in the state of North Dakota in the U.S., or if you live in Germany. Residents of these places can become Younique Presenters with no purchase necessary. 

I recently joined as a Younique Presenter. Can I exchange my YOUNIQUE Presenter Kit for this newly announced YOUNIQUE Presenter Kit? 


Welcome to the Younique Family! We apologize for the inconvenience, but the YOUNIQUE Presenter Kit is not eligible for exchange.