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Meet Pamela Graham

I'm excited to tell you all about my Younique Story!

I have been with Younique since October 20, 2012, before launch on November 1, 2012; I am just as excited to be a part of this company as I was on the first day I signed up!! I originally signed up to be a Younique Presenter after reading the Mission Statement and just knew I had to be a part of this company, but I also love belonging to a team of women who are simply trying to help other women feel and look beautiful! Through my Younique business I have had the opportunity to get to know so many amazing woman and am so excited for what my future holds with this company.

I am a plus size woman that has battled with my self confidence my entire life, and Younique is helping me to win that battle! Thanks to Younique I have started business pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, as well as a blog, I am doing things every day that are so far outside my comfort zone that I am terrified, but I am doing them!

I would love to share Younique with you as your personal Presenter, or, if you are interested in the Younique Opportunity, as your sponsor. Follow the links to shop from my page and contact me through the "Contact me Link" with any questions you have and I will be happy to assist you in any way I can.


Pamela Graham
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