Meet Megan Dashley

I'm excited to tell you all about my Younique Story!

Before all else, I’m a wife, mother, sister and daughter. I’m a cosmetologist by trade and after 10 years working behind the chair my life shifted and I was no longer willing to trade my time for money missing out on my memories with my kids. After finding this opportunity and going all in, I was able to not only retire myself from the salon but bring my husband home to work at home with me. It’s a family business that even my kids take pride in being part of. It’s given me purpose, identity and lifelong friends and experiences. Beyond the $99 kit is more than most realize.

What would your dream life look like? Think about that. How much are you willing to put in to make that dream life a reality ? Your dream life is awaiting.


Megan Dashley
Black Level 1 Status Presenter

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Protect the many

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