Meet Kerrie Holien

I'm excited to tell you all about my Younique Story!

My name is Kerrie and I'm a Green Elite Status Presenter. I wanted to share with you why I joined this company and the impact it's had on me????

In January of 2015, after talking to a girlfriend and trying her foundation (BB Flawless) & mascara I bought myself a little kit of makeup...

I bought it for 3 reasons,

1. Because i never really even bought makeup (well i bought that $10 one from the supermarket shelf) and thought this fancy makeup might be a nice change.

2. It was time i traded in my 3 year old mascara for a new one.

3. I thought i might as well get the commission back for myself.

Never in my mind did I think it would be anything more than that! But... Ellie added me to a couple of Facebook pages and i was soon enjoying the banter between the presenters, the help and support everyone was giving and the look of all the make up through my website was awesome, so i bought a few extra things as well ????

Then I came across this video and it made me cry and it made me think about how amazing these people were at the head of our company and I wanted to make a go of it... It wasn't long before my confidence started to grow, i'd lost mine a long time ago, I had let someone dull my sparkle and take away my self belief and self worth! BUT running my own business and meeting these amazing woman has helped me bring it all back...

In the beginning, I wanted that little makeup kit to save myself some money, then i wanted it because i had some amazing friends and I was feeling alive again... Now there are 2 main reasons that I want this

My Kids who are the absolute loves of my life, it's just the 3 of us and I need to provide a life for them that they are worthy of and I want to make them proud of their mum


My Team, I have never seen so much amazing change in woman! These woman are proof that this mission statement is something to stand by! We Uplift each other, We Empower ourselves and each other and We feel Validated by what this company stands for!....


Kerrie Holien
Green Status Presenter

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