Meet Jannai

I'm excited to tell you all about my Younique Story!

Thanks for visiting my Younique website. I am excited to have found naturally based makeup I feel good about putting on my skin and recommending to others. I love that the makeup stays on where it belongs for the whole day! I especially love all the colors of mineral pigments for the eyes (over 32) that can be used as eyeliner and shadow. The mineral face makeup comes in many colors and types with cream, powder, liquid, etc and some call it 'photoshop in a bottle' for all the improvements in how it makes you look and feel. Remember if you FEEL beYOUtiful, you ARE beYOUtiful and this makeup really helps!

The Moodstruck 3D Fiber lashes + mascara, makes every eye 'fabulash' by volumizing the lashes 400%!!

I love the commitment of this company to uplift, empower, and validate women, building self-esteem, and inspiring spiritual growth and beauty WITHIN as well as helping women feel beautiful on the outside with high-quality products at affordable prices.

Oh and did I mention, I LOVE the name YOUnique! You ARE YOUnique - one of a kind, and I pray you feel valued, loved, treasured and BeYOUtiful inside and out. Our team and mission is about inspiring others to be the best they can be - inspiring value and worth to every human being.



We welcome you to experience the Younique Products and are here to help you get started. Let me know if you are interested to earn free product by hosting an online party, it's very easy to do. We're here to serve you!


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