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I'm excited to tell you all about my Younique Story!

I'm SO happy you found my website! I first was introduced to Younique in 2015 by a presenter from the UK who did an online party for a friend. I was AMAZED at her story and how beautiful she looked in the products. I booked a party for myself and earned some products- I WAS HOOKED! but... I didn't believe I had the looks, skills or knowledge to be a presenter. I am a mother of 7, a host mother to exchange students, a wife, and a small business owner- could I really be a presenter? Fast forward: Here I am, 2017, and I finally decided to follow my gut and become a presenter! I had gone back and forth between cosmetic products for about a year and I kept coming back to Younique. I am SO excited to share these top-of-the- line products with you. And if you ever want more information on how to be a presenter like me, or even how to be a "kitnapper" just contact me here through my site or find me on Facebook or IG! Thank you for shopping my website!


Sonya Lundstrom
Green Status Presenter

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