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The Younique Triple Digits Club in Italy.

Our Triple Digits Founding Presenters Club is a promotion for Italy is now closed. We reached our goal of 999 Presenters. Thanks to everyone who joined in the fun!

Even though the Triple Digits Club promotion is over for Italy, it's still a perfect time to join the family and become a Younique Presenter today. We're just getting started and the opportunities for success are around every corner! Live Younique, join today!

Visit the Triple Digits Club pages for these other Younique markets to see how Presenters across the globe are doing.

The Younique 999 Triple Digits Club

Only 0 spots available!

Presenter # just enrolled !

We are + strong and growing worldwide!

Thank you for helping fulfill our mission of uplifting, empowering, and validating women everywhere.

Total Younique Presenters Worldwide

You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.

Zig Ziglar author, salesman, motivational speaker

Italy Monthly Leaderboards

During the first three months* of the Triple Digits Club campaign, we’ll be giving away a Younique Home Studio, complete with lights, backdrop, and microphone, to one Presenter every month. This unique tool will help you take your videos—and your business—to the next level. The goals for winning the Younique Home Studio will change slightly each month, with the first month centered around recruitment, the first and second month combined focused around Personal Retail Sales (PRS), and the third month around your team’s combined PRS for the month.

Younique Home Studio, complete with lights, backdrop, and microphone
Current Month

Month 1: 01 February, 2017 Sponsor!

It’s time to build your team and begin selling! Building your team is easy: just share how much you love Younique! The new Younique Presenter with the largest team will receive a Younique Home Studio at the end of the month.**

Current Month

Month 2: 01 March, 2017 Promote!

You had the month to build your team—now it’s time to promote the products! Become a product enthusiast by having Virtual Parties and home parties to introduce your friends to the full lineup of Younique’s makeup and skin care products. The new Presenter with the highest PRS at the end of the month† will receive a Younique Home Studio.

Current Month

Month 3: 01 April, 2017 Build!

You have a strong team and you know how to promote products. Now is your time to build and grow! At the end of the month †, the Presenter with the highest team PRS from all recruits combined will receive a Younique Home Studio.

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PRS = Personal Retail Sales

* The monthly contest for the Younique Home Studio will continue for the entire three months, even if the market reaches 999 Presenters before the initial three months are over.

**The end of the month refers to a commissionable period being fully calculated and closed on the last day of the month at 11:59 p.m. PDT/7:59 a.m. IST. Younique typically calculates the commissions for each month around the 5th of the following month.

***This is the total combined PRS of the new Younique Presenters you personally sponsor through the duration of the campaign. Cumulative recruit PRS resets to $0 every month and excludes your own PRS.

Black status charm Black status charm

Have You Ever Held $10,000?

Younique Products $10,000 Bonus!

Now's Your Chance!

The first Younique Presenter to reach Black Status in your market will receive a check for $10,000 USD! You will be flown to Younique's corporate headquarters in USA, where your check will be given to you by our CEO and Founder, Derek Maxfield, and our CVO and Co-founder, Melanie Huscroft.

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1 Spot for $10K and a trip to Younique Corporate!

Will your picture be here? Get started today to begin your new journey with the Younique family. The first Presenter to reach Black status in Italy will received a $10,000 USD check and be flown to the USA to visit the Younique corporate offices.

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