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Meet Babette Jinkins

I'm excited to tell you all about my Younique Story!

Hi Ya'll!

In December 2013, I stumbled upon a new makeup company, and on a whim decided to join. I had absolutely NO plans of ever actually selling it, I just wanted the mascara and some makeup to add to my collection. I already had a successful career in tattooing, and didn't think I could do both. After I got my kit (and fell in love with the products!) I posted a few pictures on social media, and next thing I knew - I was selling makeup! Not only selling it, but selling a LOT of it. Then, within a week, I had a team of over 10. That team quickly grew to over a hundred, then continued to grow even more.

If we're being honest, in the beginning I thought it would be a fad. Something that would do amazing things for a little while, then fizzle out. Boy was I wrong! And gladly wrong, I might add. I thought there was no way that the crazy lady with tattoos and weird hair, could ever make it in the makeup world. Again, I was wrong.

When I realized that it wasn't a fad or passing infatuation, I put my heart into it. I brought myself to the table, and let others know that they could be themselves AND be successful. All they had to do was learn to believe they could do it, and be willing to put some work into it. I let them know it was ok to be a rebel, a nerd, a diva - as long as they were willing to be the best versions of themselves. No expectations of fitting into some perfect box.

If any of the above sounds like you, or the inner you that you've been trying to suppress - we need to talk. Even if you have no intentions of joining me in this journey, I want to support you in the journey you choose! I want you to know that being you is not only ok, it is the most amazing thing you can be!


Babette Jinkins
Green Status Presenter