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Meet Bri Richardson

I'm excited to tell you all about my Younique Story!


Success coach, social media expert and network marketing millionaire, Bri Richardson is known for her “give it to me straight” coaching style and authentic passion for helping others succeed. Her training has been proven to produce massive action and freedom results!

Bri has been in the Network Marketing profession for over 14 years. She isn’t the overnight success that is sometimes seen. Bri spent many years just trying to figure it all out. She worked tirelessly to learn the Ins and outs of not just a single company but the makeup of the industry as a whole. She fought through the hard times and overcame defeat! Over the last four and a half years Bri was able to retire her husband from the corporate World, before the age of 30, sustain a seven figure income and leads a team of nearly 400,000 entrepreneurs: all while raising two young boys at home.

When Bri is asked how she does it her top 3 attributes are; social media knowledge, a drive to help others succeed and most importantly she built a duplicatable system within her organization. Now that she has found the path to success she knows it’s possible for anyone who is willing to work for it.


I pride myself on taking the time to coach my team and help them reach their personal goals. We have a lot of fun along the way! From week conference calls to Team Brunches, Holiday Parties and fun outings, we are a family!

Relationship building is just a part of the business but the relationships I have formed with these individuals is truly "Younique".

Want to have fun and make money doing it? Join The Makeup Maniacs!

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Bri Richardson

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Bri Richardson
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