Meet Tamara Fryer

I'm excited to tell you all about my Younique Story!

I am a mom of 4 amazing children (2 biological, 2 bonus kids). I just married my genuine Prince Charming in February of 2017! We had a truly magical Disney inspired wedding at Disney Springs!!!

As a mom, I stay very busy! I work as an office manager for an amazing real estate office, I work as an office assistant at the best dance studio in Volusia County, and Jeremy and I also run a travel agency!!! My kids and Jeremy always come first, everything I do is for them!

I decided to become a Younique presenter after my amazing friend (and fellow Disney loving Disbride) got me hooked on their makeup! I plan on doing my makeup for the wedding, and needed help. I had never worn much makeup before. Being as busy as I am, I needed to learn how to look fabulous and to do it quickly! These products floored me! With the wedding coming up, I needed to bring in some extra income. I am so excited to see these products change my whole family's lives!

My top two favorite products are the liquid foundation (AND THE BRUSH!!) and the Lip Stain (like I need these in every color!). But seriously, all of their products seriously amaze me!


Tamara Fryer
Yellow Status Presenter

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