– August Customer Kudos –



Be subtle, simple, bold, or fierce with a bundle of everyday eye essentials that let you tailor your look to your attitude. The August Customer Kudos features products that easily mix and match to create multiple looks for any occasion plus a sizzling makeup bag for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the August Customer Kudos?


Keep your eyes on the prize with an eye-focused bundle that includes your favorites with a savings of up to 13%—and a bag with purchase! The August Customer Kudos includes:

  • Any shadow palette—choose from MOODSTRUCK ADDICTION shadow palette; the MOODSTRUCK BELOVED shadow palette, volume 2; or a MOODSTRUCK pressed shadow quad palette with the colors of your choice.
  • Any mascara—choose MOODSTRUCK EPIC 4D one-step fiber mascara or MOODSTRUCK EPIC mascara in the color of your choice.
  • Free bag (while supplies last).

Upgrade your look with the August Customers Kudos+, which adds the exclusive jet-black MOODSTRUCK liquid eyeliner you loved from last year’s holiday promotion, and a total savings of up to 18%.

During August, this promotion will be the only way to purchase the popular MOODSTRUCK ADDICTION shadow palette 6 and the exclusive eyeliner, back for a limited time only. Don’t miss out!

These bundles are available from August 1, 2020, at 6 a.m. PST to August 31, 2020, at 11:59 p.m. PST, while supplies last.

How much does the August Customer Kudos cost?


The August Customer Kudos costs $70 USD, $84 CAD, $101 AUD, $112 NZD, £55 GBP, 76 € EUR, $1,218 MXN, or HK$543.

August Customers Kudos+, which includes the MOODSTRUCK liquid eyeliner, costs $83 USD, $100 CAD, $119 AUD, $132 NZD, £65 GBP, 90 € EUR, $1,445 MXN, or HK$644.

Can I choose the colors included in the August Customer Kudos?


Yes! You can choose both the type and color of mascara you prefer. You can also choose which shadow palette or pressed shadow quad palette you receive.

Can I purchase the items in the August Customer Kudos individually?


Yes. However, individually purchased items will not receive the discount that you receive when purchasing the August Customer Kudos. To add the eyeliner at a discount, be sure to choose the August Customers Kudos+ bundle that includes eyeliner.

Can I use Y-CASH credit to pay for the August Customer Kudos?


No, you cannot use Y-CASH credit to purchase the August Customer Kudos.

Which markets are eligible to participate in the August Customer Kudos?


All current markets are eligible to participate. 

Will my Link Owner earn Rewards Link points for every August Customer Kudos purchase?


Yes. Your Link Owner will earn 70 Rewards Link Points for each August Customer Kudos purchased (or 83 Rewards Link Points for August Customers Kudos+). 

Will I earn Royalty Points for every August Customer Kudos purchase?


Yes. You will earn 70 Royalty Points for each August Customer Kudos purchased (or 83 Royalty Points for August Customers Kudos+).

Is there a limit to how many August Customer Kudos I can purchase?


Nope!* Go ahead and order what’s needed for you and your customers!

If any products in the August Customer Kudos sell out, will they go on backorder?


No. If any of the products in the August Customer Kudos sell out, they will show as unavailable and will no longer be options until they are back in stock again.