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Meet Sherri Savage

I'm excited to tell you all about my Younique Story!

Wow, My Younique Story? I am still so new with the business that I don't have much of a story yet. But I'll give you a brief run down on who I am and how/why I joined. I am a single, full-time working mom who suffers with a couple very painful diseases. So time in my house is limited!

I love make-up and looking pretty, and my girlfriend came to with this mascara (and I thought she was crazy - LOL). But I tried the mascara and fell in love with it! So much so, that I joined Younique and became a presenter. While I cannot spend as much time as I would like building my business, I still get out there and spread the word. Not just about how fantastic the product it, but also about the Younique Foundation.

It's not much, but that's a brief me :)

OK, Dolls, go out and have a great day!


Sherri Savage
Blue Status Presenter

Join Younique in Fighting Sexual Abuse
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Protect the many

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