Meet Shawna Ray

I'm excited to tell you all about my Younique Story!

Well Hello there!!! Im a 41 yr old mama of 5 children . Ages are 24. 16,12,6 & 4 and I Love my children to pieces

I have had many Exsperiance in life and NOW one of them now i can say is I am a Mentor for many Beautiful wemon across the world!!!! How many people can actually say they get to wake up each day and do what they love to do?

I am thrilled to work with a Group of women who inspire me.

Women i can learn and grow from, and we all come from all over the world... ITS CRAZY!!!

I decided to be a Younique Consultant after many years using the product and then seeing all the makeup titorials and wemon all over having the best time of their lives I knew then i had to get in on this FUN!

Not only having fun, but we get to help each and everyone of you gain self worth, and feel ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL .. ????

WE ALL HAVE A STORY???? And i wanna share mine with you.


Shawna Ray
White Status Presenter

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