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Party Rewards

The rewards earned for Younique parties are calculated through a points-based system. While you are shopping from a party, the points that any given product will contribute are shown right next to the product's price. You will also see your contributed party points on the cart page, and the checkout page. The hostess of the party you're shopping from achieves rewards for every level of points earned. Those rewards are listed below.

Party Performance Rewards
Party Points Reward Level Reward Points Free Product Credit 1/2 Price Items
200 - 349 10% 20 - 34.90 $20.00 - $34.90 1
350 - 499 12% 42 - 59.88 $42.00 - $59.88 2
500 - 999 14% 70 - 139.86 $70.00 - $139.86 3
1000+ 16% 160+ $160.00+ 4
How Much Can You Earn
Party Performance
- +
Party Points
1/2 Price Items
Free Product Credit

Need more information on how values are calculated?

How Party Points turn into Free Product Credit (Younique Cash)

Party Points × Reward Level = Reward Points

Reward Points × Currency Rate (see chart below) = Younique Cash

*Calculations are an estimate only.

1 Reward Point =
$1.00 USD $1.20 CAD $1.30 AUD $1.39 NZD £0.80 GBP $13.00 MXN €0,85 EUR HK$7.40 HKD
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