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Meet Amanda Richardson

I'm excited to tell you all about my Younique Story!

There was a time not to long ago I hated myself. I hated the disease that put me in the state I was in. I hated nearly everything. I lived in the bed, only getting up for the bathroom the pain was so intense. Doctor after doctor, still no real diagnoses. Only drove me to more into depression. Finally, after 2 years of pain, the crippling of my hands and devastating depression, I had a diagnosis! In writing, Lyme Disease! Only downfall was the damage had already been done and more was likely to come. It's amazing how calming just knowing an actual diagnosis was.

As time went on I decided I had to pick myself up and try my best to live as normal as a life as possible. I'm not much of a people person, so I don't have many friends here in Texas. My husband works long hours, so he was gone all thru the day. I have I beautiful American Bobtails to look after, but that still left a lot of my day free and I found myself getting bored. Then it came to me! I'm gonna start doing my hair and makeup everyday. I mean, it's the least I could do for my husband, he should come home to a pretty wife. That lasted about a week. My makeup skills were trash, along with my makeup; my hands would give out doing my hair. I was a train wreck!

I had to start somewhere, right? An old friend was using and selling Younique on FB, so I bought the kit. I needed the makeup, always wanted to try it and I didn't have to sell anything! Good deal! During the week of waiting on my kit I really reconnected with Amanda, met some of the great girls that was working with her and the sisterhood they shared. She then reminded me of how much of a role model I was to her growing up and something inside of me just clicked. You see, I'm a very large girl and never really cared what anyone thought of me. I wore what I wanted to wear, my hair and makeup was normally always on point and acted like I was a size 2, knowing I wasn't. In all reality, I never knew I was a role model to anyone; but if I did it back then, why couldn't I do it now? So I jumped aboard this great company and have never looked back.

We get asked in this business, what's your why? I guess my why is to reach out to as many women, plus size or not, and remind them that they're someone's role model. Do I want to make money and be Black Status? Hell Yes!!! I think most of us are after that goal. Truthfully, the sisterhood and friendships you make are second to none. They will cheer you on when you need cheering; pick you up when you need it; motivate you, and pray with you. These girls are more than teammates, they're family!


Amanda Richardson
Pink Status Presenter