Meet Michelle Burke

I'm excited to tell you all about my Younique Story!

I simply decided to take the plunge, once I saw three different friends breezing through the ranks in this company. That, and we needed more income at the time, as my husband was and still is the only one working outside the home. We have two daughters at home (14 and 13), our oldest who lived in Charleston just moved to El Paso, Tx with her husband, daughter, and is expecting a baby boy.... therefore I need a lot of extra income! I am so excited to be with Younique and see where this company takes me! Once joining Younique, I actually took the time to read their mission statement and the foundation that they have created and support. Two people, very close to me have been sexually abused and that has given me enough determination to be with Younique. I cannot praise this company and it's founders enough! #theconfidentbeauty


Michelle Burke
Pink Status Presenter

Join Younique in Fighting Sexual Abuse
Heal the one
Protect the many

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