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Meet Micha's Magic Makeup

I'm excited to tell you all about my Younique Story!

Hello everyone and thank you for taking the time out of your day to visit my page!

My name is Micha *Me-sha* and I live in a quiet rural town in eastern central Oregon. The population is about 700 - which may I add is a generous number! I live on a ranch with my gentleman caller (as I like to call him) and our three beautiful, exhausting children :)

I have seen the hype with Younique this past year (2015) and I have to be honest, I was a skeptic at first. That is until I got the chance to meet with one of the top presenters in the company (who knew one of the top presenters would live in the same little town as me?!) We got together for what I thought would be a 30 - 40 minute visit about buying the makeup and it turned into a 5 hour long INSPIRING date. Not only did I fall IN LOVE with this makeup but I totally and completely feel in love with this company.

I have never been a "makeup girl" and being a mother of three young crazy kids I've never really had a lot of time for makeup. When I met with Michele (the younique queen / new love of my life) I got the chance to play with ALL her make up ( she has ALL of it!) and once we figured out my shades and the colors that made ME feel good my entire makeup process was no more than MAYBE 10 minutes and that was with ADDING a bunch of wonderful things I have never even used before! Eyebrow gel, eye shadow, BB cream - I was a "what the heck is eyebrow gel?" kind of girl. Now I am a BELIEVER.

I have never sold anything else in my life, I am not a sales person but I believe in this product. I believe in this company and I stand with them on empowering and embracing women. This is not about mascara. This is not about buying the new "fad" makeup. This is about women lifting other women up and feeling good about yourself.

Be Bold. Be Beautiful. Be Younique!


Micha's Magic Makeup
Blue Status Presenter