Meet Lindsey Paquin

I'm excited to tell you all about my Younique Story!

Hi! I'm Lindsey, I'm 31 years old, and I've been struggling with what I wanted to do when I grew up, long since before I actually grew up. Until recently, I still didn't know!

I was a teen mother! After that, I suffered in silence for far too long in not 1, but 2 very unhealthy relationship's. Due to that I had a hard time trusting and was in some need of love and healing. I have a success story to share , for a long time I let those negative things define me, I used those things as an excuse, an excuse for not working, and excuse for being poor and struggling, and most of all, an excuse for not using my full potential.

Since I've been about 12 years old, I've been in love with beauty, hair, fashion and most of all.. Makeup! My family and my friends always told me, I should got to college and take cosmetology. And I gave excuses. My biggest excuse was that I loved doing hair and makeup so much, I considered it a hobby, and was afraid if I started doing something I loved, that I would get sick of it, and wouldn't enjoy it anymore. Some excuse eh? I was the queen of excuses!!

Let me move on to about 18 months ago, when I first started being approached with network marketing opportunities. A friend of mine from high school got in contact with me and asked me to meet her for coffee, where she showed me her presentation for the Network Marketing company of her choice. I was intrigued, I wasn't very sure about the company itself, but I liked what I had learned about "Network Marketing"! At that time I was taking a makeup artistry course, I knew I wanted to do makeup, Her business had some makeup, but not many products I would actually use myself, don't get me wrong, they were great products for your skin, all natural, healthy , made my skin feel silky smooth, but not enough of a variety, and everything felt beige to me! So I began researching network marketing companies in my spare time, when I wasn't studying or doing school work and assignments. I came across Younique a few months later, and as intrigued as I was, I wanted to keep researching, because, I wanted to be sure when I picked a company, that it was my perfect pick! And I was broke! 145$ may not be a lot of money to some people, however, when your on a fixed income, 145$ can be the difference of 2 weeks of heat in the winter time or not!

In the mean time I graduated from the makeup artistry course with honors, passing with a 97%! Yay me!! That was a very proud moment in my life, graduating! But what was I going to do with a certificate to do makeup? I live in the valley, where the few salons that are here, either only do hair, or want a licensed estitition with 4+years of experience and so on. I tried doing freelance work. Posting adds on popular sales and advertising sites, and Facebook yardsale group pages. I got a few likes here and there on my selfies, but the only real feedback I got was from a couple different women I know, urging me to join Younique. Even then, I was still broke, I was still finding excuses, but the truth was, I was afraid! Afraid I wouldn't be successful, afraid people wouldn't want to buy products from a former teen mother with little to No work experience, then last week, I was sitting around, actually stressing out and pacing around is probably a better description of what I was doing, sick of being unable to find work, really wanting to make a change .. I told myself I wasn't going to waste any more time "thinking things over" or making excuses! I was finally going to do something, at the very least , make an effort, a real effort!

I immediately contacted my current sponsor (and long time friend, Miss Cat Laffin) and signed up for my presenters kit. That was just a little over 24hrs ago. I've already made over 300$ in sales, and have 2 Ladies seriously considering joining me on my journey to change my life for the better! All the women I have talked to so far, have been so supportive and helpful. Women empowering women, building each other up, I absolutely love Younique! I love all the positivity! I can see where my future is headed, and it's exciting!

To anyone buying our products through my webpage, Thank-you, I appreciate every sale! And to those thinking about Joining my team? If you want some positivity, support, and some high end makeup in your life? Sign up! Please, let me sponsor you! I promise to do my absolute best to make your "YOUNIQUE" experience, an unforgettable, happy, and lucrative experience.

Please come back again, stay tuned, I know my story will only get better from here!


Lindsey Paquin
Yellow Status Presenter

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