Meet Laura Jones

I'm excited to tell you all about my Younique Story!

HI I'm Laura! I'm a super busy mom, a wife to a SUPER patient hubby named Michael, a freelance graphic design artist, AND I juggle many other hats from day-to-day too! I have two girls, Amelia and Isabel and they keep me hopping to say the least! I am also always getting into some new fun adventures and I love living life to the fullest! More than anything, I love my family, my church and serving in it, and working on being all I can be for my kids and hubby!

So you might be wondering why I decided to join up with Younique! Recently, my daughter Amelia, who's 12 years old was accepted into the Kentucky Youth Chorale; a traveling singing group of very talented performers. We were so elated to find out that she had made it in as it is no small feat! Even more so, we were over the moon for her when we found out that in May of 2017, the group will be performing in NYC at Carnegie Hall!!! What an experience at such a young age! And boy!... What a price tag that came with such a trip! We found out the same day she was accepted to KYC that for just Amelia and ONE parent to go to see her perform during the trip, it would be nearly $5,000! Not only that, but that her first payment would be due in just TWO WEEKS AWAY!

We managed to scrape up the first $600 down payment, along with her $170 tuition fee for the group. But the more I have thought endlessly about this trip, and the monthly $700 and $800 payments that really are a stretch for our family's budget, something just has to give. So here I am, joining up with Younique after a girl's night hanging at my other friend Laura Vincent's house playing in makeup, along with my old neighbor Amy!

After some giggles, and chatting, I decided that this sounded like a good fit. Laura didn't even realize it, but I had been thinking about joining her team for a few days anyway. And don't get me wrong! I love Younique's products! Their colors are STUNNING! Heck! Half of my church sells this make-up! That's just how great it is! And honestly, I suppose that may be why I have hesitated quite a bit about selling for just that reason alone. But in the end I know that this specific direct sales business that will allow for the flexibility that my family needs, and the income (thank you Jesus!) too. I know too, that they have the diversity for many people to love it and to take advantage of their great products!

PLUS, at $99 for a kit! This is kind of a no-brainer! So, If YOU want to join MY team and enjoy the same benefits - Great Products, Great Discounts & Flexibility, and an AWESOME STARTER KIT PLUS A PAYCHECK TOO!!!! Sign up today! I'd love to help guide you too!


Laura Jones
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