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Meet Unnur Ólafsdóttir

I'm excited to tell you all about my Younique Story!

Around Christmas time 2014 I found myself unemployed and unemployable because I was heavily pregnant and a mom of a 9 month old. Being unemployed had a bad effect on my self esteem so I kept looking for a job. I kept telling all the women around me about this amazing new mascara I had just tried and just like me, they loved it! After telling my sister she should sign up and sell the mascara I thought, why don't I do that too :D So we both signed up and have been working together from opposite sides of the world ever since! I love that through this work I have been able to stay home with both my kids, I have been able to work closely with my sister and we have both been able to get to know and work with amazing women from all over the world :) This business has been such a great blessing in my life and for my family.


Unnur Ólafsdóttir
Orange Status Presenter

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