Share your influence, earn rewards.
With Rewards Links, sharing Younique has never been easier
Whether you’re a social media sensation or only your friends and family follow you, it’s never been easier to share your favorite products—and get rewarded. Replacing our original YOUNIQUE virtual party platform, Rewards Links give Younique Presenters and customers a simpler, easier way to use their influence and share Younique.

To celebrate our newest feature, we're including a Rewards Link preloaded with 100 points with every YOUNIQUE Presenter Kit purchase!
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One-click rewards
Create your Rewards Link in one click, then set it to your preferred landing page and share it on social media. You'll earn points for every purchase made through your link over the next ten days. Once your Rewards Link reaches 200 points or more, you'll receive 10% Y-CASH credit on the total points.
Customizable links
Customize your link to send shoppers to your favorite landing page. These pages help you get more purchases by linking your shoppers directly to our best sellers–and when your link qualifies, you'll start earning Y-CASH credit!
Rewards Anyone Can Earn
With Rewards Links, it's easier than ever for anyone to earn rewards. Choose whether you'd like to be the Rewards Link Owner, give the link to a friend, or invite a new shopper to own it. Add a little fun by sharing an ownerless link on social media– the first person to click on it will become the Link Owner and earn rewards!
Use your rewards to try new Younique products or stock up on familiar favorites–it's up to you.