Meet Karen Marshall

I'm excited to tell you all about my Younique Story!

What a wonderful journey. I started off trying the 3D Lashes and I was so impressed, I had a party.

And from there, I ended up with the whole skincare line and my face seems lifted and just glows!

With healthy Fantastic Hollywood Lashes to boot!

It took my mature skin to marvelous is just a few weeks.

It is a very quick application process in the morning and evening, much less fuss than I was previously

used to, Definitely worth it!

Now I am a Younique Presenter because I love and trust the Younique product line, as does my face and skin.

I have now been using all the products for a while now, being one of these people that only wore the basics

to becoming a Makeup Whiz has been exciting and fun, especially when you check out "My Looks" and see

what I am learning.

I love my Younique Business, I learn something new everyday and love to share with all of you!


Karen Marshall
Pink Status Presenter

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