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I'm excited to tell you all about my Younique Story!

I started my Younique journey on September 11th, 2014. At the time I hadn't tried the #1 seller the 3D fiber mascara, however a few of my friends had and I had to get my hands on that magical stuff. I signed up as an Independent Presenter for Younique with little confidence i'd make any sales. The zero commitment to sales and the guarantee that you got to keep all of the makeup in the kit is what sold me, but little did I know I'd start making sales by only stating my excitement to get my kit. I got my first sale within an hour of even being registered with the Younique team! One little Facebook post telling my friends, family and random acquaintances how excited I was to start selling Younique and to try out their products. Keep in mind, I hadn't even tried them myself at this point I was only going off of what I had heard or seen.

Only three short weeks later, I reached my second promotion to Yellow Status. I hadn't scheduled any in home parties, all of my sales had been coming in from post I had made through social media outlets. With minimal effort and a lot of excitement I reached the goal of being a Yellow Status presenter. A couple weeks after reaching Yellow, out of the blue I had 3 ladies asking questions about joining my team. That mean't I hit my first major goal FAST START! I received $250 in ycash from Younique for reaching this goal. The very next month I hit Pink Status presenter and made a little bit of extra income. Then two months later I reached Blue Status presenter with the help of my team. Eight months after hitting Blue I hit Green Status presenter, again with 100% commitment from my team. Helping my team reach their goals was way more of a payoff for me than they paycheck. Seeing others start forming the same goals as myself wanted to accomplish, for the exact same reasons is one of the greatest rewards ever. Helping push them to their limits, share their love of lashes with others and build confidence of women all around them is something I could never have done alone. I'm so thankful for my fun-loving, wholehearted, passionate teammates. It was a long journey to get where I am with Younique, but every minute of it has been something I didn't even know I was searching for before joining. Don't think i'm stopping anytime soon, i'll see you at the top ;)

Younique has taught me to be positive, uplifting, encouraging and most of all to love myself first. Inner beauty is great, but a little mascara never hurts! These qualities that Younique has instilled in me thus far is the most important to me personally, however the money I'm making from sales is allowing me to not have the constant worry about bills and adding that extra income into my account to be able to have the fun 'extras' in life without feeling guilty.

I'm happy to be involved with this awesome company and helping other woman feel great about themselves at the same time. It's a great feeling having people tell you how great they feel because of the items they've purchased from me through Younique.

I encourage you to browse my site, take a look around. Any questions, feel free to contact me. I'd love to answer any and all questions you may have! There's many ways to get involved with this awesome company. Try out a product, be a returning customer, try another new product, host an online party to earn rewards for half price products and Y cash (how AWESOME is that?) so all of your friends can hear about how great these products make your feel, join my team and start your very own Younique journey by becoming a presenter. However you want to be involved is up to you, whatever action you decide to take, I thank you for choosing me as your Independent Presenter. Each and every one of you are changing my life in a positive way and I couldn't be more grateful, thank you!

Help me spread the Lash-Love!


Jalessa Hall
Purple Status Presenter

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