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Triple Digits Club Founding Presenter


I'm excited to tell you all about my Younique Story!

NOW SPONSORING NEW PRESENTERS! Let's have a coffee date. Virtual or in person! I want to be a part of your TEAM.

Thank you so much for choosing me as your Younique Presenter and mentor! My name is Haley Ragsdale and I am a Network Marketing Professional. My primary focus is to coach the men and woman that choose me as their metor to build a beautiful book of business of their own.

I do this with my one on one coaching and personal development focus. I work my business full time and am dedicated to helping others achieve their own personal goals.

I love the products and company I represent as well as the men and women I've been able to help GROW. However, our Mission to 'Uplift, Empower and Validate Women' is where my heart lies!

~Find me

on Facebook at

On PINTEREST BLOGGER, and INSTAGRAM by searching for @youniquehaley and Haley.Ragsdale


I will empower, influence and mentor the men and women in my company and guide them in becoming an advocate of their own dreams and goals while providing tools, a heart and a shoulder. I will do this by being an educated, available, positive, optimistic, and empowering mentor. I will work with them to identify and tune into their "WHY" and I will empower them to find their own path to achievement. I will promote financial strength, freedom and independence as well as personal fiscal responsibility.

I will use my business to protect and secure my future and the future of my loved ones. I will provide a simple, beautiful, adventurous, rewarding, fun, safe and quality life for the ones I love.

I will strengthen my community by contributing to and participating in charitable and philanthropic activities that are close to my heart. I will set an example by developing and empower others to follow my lead in their own communities.

I will humbly make my way in this world while balancing growth and change with maintaining my authentic self. I will be a woman that my parents, husband, children, close friends and team can be proud of.

I will consistently be a Top Producer and a Leader of positive influence in my company. I will honor those that have given me this opportunity by being a confident and trust worthy Leader. One that the Founders of my company, and my Success Line will be proud of. I will be someone our Founders can rely upon to uphold the vision, goals and mission they have sacrificed to create.

I will use my gifts and royalties to follow through with my missions and goals.

I will have an always growing, fun, profitable, ethical and reliable book of business that keeps in line with my personal goals and mission statement.

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