Dismiss the most stubborn makeup

The YOU·OLOGY cleansing stick is an easy-to-use emollient-based makeup removing stick, making it the perfect addition to your skin care at home. Effectively dismiss hard-to-remove makeup, even long-lasting waterproof mascara and stubborn lip stains. Enhance your skin care routine and never get stuck in your makeup with this totally pursable, travel-ready cleansing stick.

Formulated with

  • Olive oil
  • Silky, skin-softening emollients 
  1. Apply

    Apply YOU·OLOGY cleansing stick directly to the eye area, lips, or face.

  2. Massage

    Gently massage into skin to loosen and dissolve makeup.

  3. Wipe

    Wipe away with a damp cloth.

  4. Cleanse

    Wash face, pat dry, then proceed with your personalized YOU·OLOGY skin care routine.

Are you new to skin care at home? Follow this helpful skin care routine starter guide and make the most of your YOU·OLOGY skin care products. 

In the morning:

  1. Cleanse

    Wake up your skin with your customized YOU·OLOGY cleanser. 

  2. Mist

    MistYOU·OLOGY rose water toning spritz.

  3. Target

    Target your individual skin concerns with your personalized YOU·OLOGY serum.

  4. Moisturize

    Add hydration to your skin with your custom YOU·OLOGY day moisturizer. 

At night:


  1. Remove

    Wipe away your makeup with the YOU·OLOGY cleansing cloths, cleansing stick, or liquid makeup remover.

  2. Cleanse

    Wash your skin with the customized YOU·OLOGY cleanser. 

  3. Mist

    Wind down with a relaxing mist of YOU·OLOGY rose water toning spritz.

  4. Uplift

    For smoother skin, use a drop or two of YOU·OLOGY UPLIFT beauty oil. 

  5. Moisturize 

    Before heading to bed, apply your personalized YOU·OLOGY night cream.

For the full ingredient list, see the YOU·OLOGY cleansing stick’s Fact Sheet or packaging.

Olive Oil PEG-7 Esters is an emollient.