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Meet Cara Ramey

I'm excited to tell you all about my Younique Story!

Let me start off by saying that I LOVE Younique. I can't say it enough! When I signed up to become a Presenter I found my true calling in life!I was introduced to Younique while looking for a way to supplement my family's income. I immediately fell in love with their products! I couldn't wait to purchase them for myself. I absolutely LOVe what I do. Empowering, motivating and uplifting women. Owning my own business as a Presenter allows me the opportunity to still be a full-time mom, choose my own hours, and finally be able to contribute to my family's income. I am a wife and a mother to three children. It has allowed me to get out of debt and provide for my family. My husband is now retired. :) I enjoy weight-lifting, running, sleeping in, and doing practical jokes. I belong to a team of women who are simply trying to help other women feel and look beautiful! I am happy to be your personal Younique Presenter to show you all of their amazing products. I can even tell you more about the business opportunity to see if it would be right for you! My Younique timeline:October 1, 2012: Joined Younique as Presenter #4October 31, 2012: Signed my 10th PresenterNovember 30, 2012: Advanced in one month from white, to yellow, pink, blue and then GREEN elite leadership status Also recognized as Younique's FIRST Green elite Presenter!!December 1, 2012: Earned my "Fast Start" and $500 free product creditDecember 31, 2012: Younique's Top EarnerAugust 11, 2013: Attended the Inaugural Younique Annual Convention in Park City, UtahAugust 2013: Younique's #1 Top RecruiterAugust 31, 2013: Advanced to ORANGE elite leadership statusOctober 31, 2013: Advanced to PURPLE elite leadership statusDecember 17, 2013: 4,000 Team MembersMarch 26, 2014: 17,000 Team MembersMay 2014: #11 Top Earner, #9 Top RecruiterJanuary 2015: Over 100k Team Members


Cara Ramey
Black Status Presenter

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