Meet Colleen Angeloni-Simkin

I'm excited to tell you all about my Younique Story!


Owning my own Younique business empowers me as a women! I work with the members of my amazingly talented team to bring fun and exciting products along with life-changing opportunities to other like-minded women!

Being an independent presenter of Younique Products allows me the opportunity to work from home or where ever I choose. I control, how much I work and ultimately, how much money I make. As your personal Presenter, it is my absolute joy to help you find the Younique products that are the perfect match for you. Whether you need a liquid or powder foundation, longer lashes, or a personalized skincare regimen, I know you’ll fall in love with something in these pages.

The ideal opportunity for me to utilize the many facets I have of being a, skin care, creativity, and most importantly, being the CEO of my own company all by helping other women to look and feel "beautiful inside & out." I can be reached at

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Be beautiful! Be you! Be Younique!


Colleen Angeloni-Simkin
Orange Status Presenter

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