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New Year New You New LIP POWDERS!!!!!!!

What is lip powder lipstick? ???? Only the top cosmetic brands in the world have this product. ???? It’s basically magic! It is made up of hydrogel molecules that make it feel powdery. It is a form of silica that has a huge surface area so that it can absorb a lot of oil and pigment which makes it feel like a powder and not a gel. When it makes contact with the oils naturally found in your skin, it tips from powdery to satiny lipstick texture on the spot, melting int your lips. ???? lip powders leave behind a deep stain, and as such it’s got a longevity. It stays on well and even after the bold color has faded a little, leaving a pretty stain behind. ???? Its really light-feels like sheer nada once applied. You don’t need to layer, blot or reapply-colour is intense but literally barely there. ???? lip powder is surprisingly precise delivering a clean line of color thanks to the sharp tip applicator, and they don’t bleed from the lip line. ???? Lip powders don’t transfer - cups, children, collars are all safe!

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