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You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.

Zig Ziglar author, salesman, motivational speaker

Younique’s Global Rising Star Leaderboards

These are our current top ten leaders, worldwide, in the categories of PRS* and new team PRS.** Every month,‡ the first place Younique Presenter for each category earns a Younique Home Studio setup! The leaderboards change every month, and have been structured so that brand new Younique Presenters always have a chance to shine. Congratulations to all of our Rising Stars!

Glamcor Media Extreme set up

Category 1 Rising Star PRS

New Presenters who registered between February 1st and today, and who are leading in Personal Retail Sales (PRS) for this month.

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Category 2 New Team PRS

Younique Presenters whose new sponsored Presenters for this month are leading in Personal Retail Sales.**

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* PRS = Personal Retail Sales

** The total combined PRS of the new sponsored Younique Presenters, registered within this month, that a Presenter has personally sponsored.

‡ Month refers to the end of Younique's commissionable period, which is the 5th of every month. First place winners are announced around the 8th via Facebook and private email after Royalties (commissions) have been finalized and the period has been closed.


These leaderboards rank the top-performing Younique Presenters across every country in which Younique currently operates. The sponsoring and sales figures on these boards are NOT typical. Quite to the contrary, the sponsoring and sales figures you see on this page are those of the very top performing Presenters out of a group of tens of thousands of Presenters. The sponsoring and sales figures posted here are achieved only by approximately less than the top 0.02 % of Presenters.

There is no guarantee of success for any Younique Presenter. The final success or failure of any Younique Presenter will likely be a function of such Presenter’s individual talents and effort as well as factors outside of the Presenter’s control such as luck and macro-economic conditions. Younique makes no guarantee, promise or any representation that a Presenter will obtain success, profit or income. Becoming a Younique Presenter involves business and financial risk. It is possible that a Presenter will lose money in conjunction with participating as a Presenter.

Presenter does not have to be part of the Triple Digits Club to qualify for the $10,000 USD bonus as long as he or she is the first Black Status Presenter in the country.

Rising Star 1st Place Presenters

The Presenters who have taken first place in our monthly PRS and New Team PRS Leaderboard competitions. Each of these deserving Presenters earned themselves a brand new Glamcor Media Extreme! Will you be here next?

Exclusive Black-Status Presenters

These are Younique's current Black-status Presenters from around the world. Will your picture be here next? We're waiting for you!

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Black status charm - Black Level 2 Black Status Level 2

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Black status charm - Black Level 1 Black Status Level 1

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Black status charm Black Status

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