Meet Alyson D.

I'm excited to tell you all about my Younique Story!

Hi and Welcome! Thank you for taking the time to visit my website.

Before you click "shop" or "join", I would love to tell you a little bit about me and my story.

I found Younique randomly hashtag searching Instagram. I fell in love with the mascara pictures, and I signed up right away. I have been with Younique a year and a half now. I am now in the top 2% of Younique. I'm an Elite Team Leader to women in the USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, and GERMANY. We are still expanding globally.

I barely had enough money to start up. But I had a gut feeling that this could be my "answer". I struggle with an auto immune disorder, Interstitial Cystitis. This gives me the freedom to work from home, on the go, and on my own time.

The products are amazing. As long as you talk about them, they truly sell themselves. I love not feeling like a "salesperson". I simply talk about what I love, why I love it, I show the product benefits, and that's what makes a sale. I get paid 3 hours after our sales. All free training is given on your free, website. This can be you, too.

I have 11 years of sales and marketing experience. I take pride in my team and I train them well, to set them up for success. I have an immediate question and answer page for my team, and I have an exact layout of what to do. I take out all the guess work. I do not believe in making someone " figure it out for themselves" like many leaders believe in the direct sales world.

I hope you are ready to be with a company that pampers you with getting paid 3 hours after all of your sales, a company that offers natural options, mineral options, vegan options, gluten free options. A company that was founded to fund the " Younique Foundation"...a retreat for sexually abused women and children to got to for their healing process. A company that gives you bonus free makeup. A company that gives you Younique cash on your birthday. A company that lets you earn Free Ipad mini's, free cruises for you and a plus one, and at higher levels, a $750 month car bonus, and a $5,000 a month house bonus. The sky is the limit. How far do you want to take it? Whether you want to do this for extra cash or full time income and above, I am here for you.

I can not wait to welcome you to the Doll Face Posse team, as a Fellow Lash Doll :) If you have questions, feel free to message me first at . If you already know this is your "answer" as well, click the join button. Your kit will be sent to you from Younique. Its worth $225 for just $99. This is for you to get familiar with the products. You will have immediate access to your free website to start selling from, as soon as you sign up. You will have immediate access to your free training. And I will immediately add you into my free training group, and free question and answer page. I look forward to speaking with you, getting to know you, and having you on this journey with me!

I accept Team members in USA, CAN, AUS, GERM, MEX, SPAIN, UK, NZ, and FRANCE. :)

If you are only looking to shop with me, thank you! I appreciate your business. I will immediately add you into my customer VIP group after your first purchase so you can take full advantage of what I offer. Thank you.


Alyson D.
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