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Meet Allyson Hamilton

I'm excited to tell you all about my Younique Story!

Hi Everyone,

Thank You for stopping by my Younique page. As most of you know, I am a wife, mother of 2 small children, and both my husband and I own our own businesses. So as you can see my plate is pretty full as it is, but I totally got bit by the 3D Fiber Mascara bug! Ever since the 1st time I wore it, I was hooked! Now I can't leave the house without a coat or two or THREE!!! My eyelashes are pretty short, and with the shape of my eyelids, they're almost not even visible without mascara. I don't have the time and didn't want to risk the long term effects of false lashes / extensions. What better alternative than a safe and simple two step process that leaves your lashes FULL and LONG?! Everywhere I go, people stop and asks me about them..."Are they fake?"..."They're so beautiful!"..."I can't stop staring at them!" I have never heard such wonderful comments about my lashes before! So needless to say, I decided to share this wonderful discovery with all of my friends. I can't thank Stephanie enough for sharing it with me! It can be worn over top of the mascara that you already use, or alone which is how I like to apply it. Please give it a try and I promise you won't be disappointed!





Allyson Hamilton
Purple Status Presenter